The Artiteq click rail picture hanging system is composed of 5 components:

  1. The rail
  2. The click & connects
  3. The end caps
  4. The hanging wires
  5. The hooks

THE Artiteq RAIL

The 2 meter long rail costs $22.59, the 3 meter rail costs $33.33.


The rail is attached to the wall using the Click&Connect plastic studs – we recommend using 3 per metre. One click & connect costs $0.52.


If you don’t install from wall to wall your hanging rail requires end caps to prevent the twister from sliding off the rail. One end cap costs $0.56


The hanging wires are clicked into the rail and slide back and forth so that you can position your painting/poster/print anywhere along your wall. We have perlon and steel hanging wires of different widths and lengths. We call them ‘twisters’ as you twist them into the hanging rail.

Here are the prices:

1mm perlon twisters
These hanging wires are only 1 mm wide which makes them almost invisible

Twister Micro 1mm perlon 150 cm $6.03
Twister Micro 1mm perlon 200 cm $6.44
Twister Micro 1mm perlon 300 cm $7.37

1mm steel twisters

Twister Micro steel 1mm 150 cm $11.52
Twister Micro steel 1mm 200 cm $12.08

2mm perlon twisters

Twister perlon 2mm 150 cm $6.67
Twister perlon 2mm 200 cm $7.06
Twister perlon 2mm 300 cm $8.16

2mm steel twisters

Twister steel 2mm 150 cm $12.79
Twister steel 2mm 200 cm $13.27
Twister steel 2mm 300 cm $14.51


The hooks slide up and down the twisters and are attached to the back of your artwork/poster. One good solution is to attach them to  d-rings.

There are 4 different hooks, 3 of them are ratchet hooks with an autogrip system and the 4th somewhat tedious version requires manual screwing.

Micro Grip Hook  for 1mm perlon or steel wire: $6.51

Micro Grip Hook  for 2mm perlon or steel wire: $7.60

The Ratchet Hook  for 2mm perlon or steel wire: $7.37

Hook mini screw 4 kg for 2mm perlon or steel wire: $2.17

Want to install this brilliant Artiteq Picture Hanging System?

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