Hanging your pictures for optimum viewing

Keeping it at eye level? So you need to hang your pictures at eye level? We hear that all the time, like it’s some longstanding rule that needs to be adhered to. But of course, eye level is not the same for everyone. Nicole and Keith, or Arnie and Danny come to mind, but we’re […Read More]

Hanging Creative Displays to Attract Greater Sales

Everybody knows that the first rule of selling is to attract customers.  Your business may have a great range of products but you just need to come up with some more creative ideas to get people to sit up and notice them. One of the most successful ways of attracting customers is to create really […Read More]

Artiteq Hanging System for Anything

What Can You Hang? Have you ever stopped to consider what you can actually hang in your home or workplace?  Of course when we think of artwork, we are naturally drawn to pictures, paintings and prints that we see spread across glossy magazines and mail order catalogues regularly. Here we limit ourselves to the two […Read More]

Hanging Art for Aged Care Facilities

The life expectancy of Australians has been steadily increasing in recent decades, with both men and women now expected to live on average an estimated 7 years longer than the equivalent estimations in 1965.   The good news is that increased life expectancy is a direct reflection of improved health and well-being as Australians have had […Read More]

Stag Hotel: Hang Logic installs their picture hanging system

We installed a picture hanging system for the freshly renovated Stag Hotel, an Adelaide and South Australian icon. Here you see the finished product with some brilliant art hanging on from our Artiteq art hanging system on the Stag Hotel’s walls. The great advantage for the Stag Hotel is that when this art sells or […Read More]

How to Hang up your Pictures, Posters, Art, Paintings and Photos like an expert

Doesn’t it feel great when you you can do things like an expert? It makes you excited to do them! This article will show you how to hang your pictures, prints, paintings, photos or documents like an expert. So you‘ve purchased that gorgeous artwork you’ve always wanted. You’re happy, you know it will make a […Read More]

Accru+ Harris Orchard heat up their Accountancy firm with some art and a Picture Hanging System from HANG

Stefan Bruneder and Rodney Cowin rent their art to Accru+ Harris Orchard through art rental firm Art Logic and use our Hang art hanging system to make it easy to rotate art in businesses. Steve is happily installing the hanging system in their reception area.

Hang Picture Hanging System for Offices and Homes

Richard Oborn speaks about the pleasure of hanging art with his wife in his house. It allows him to hang a variety of things – not just artworks but also panels and bowls. It turned their nicely built house into a home and Hang worked with their schedule. He exclaims that it was a pleasure […Read More]

Hang Installs Art Hanging System for Homeowner

Maureen Oborn speaks about her favourite picture that she bought in Malaysia. When she bought a house, she wanted to hang it but didn’t want to put holes in the walls so didn’t put them up. She wanted to hang them up like in a museum or art gallery, and found Hang. The team worked […Read More]

How to install art on a Hang Art and Picture Hanging System

The hanging wires move along the picture rail really easily, and with the specifically designed hooks, pictures move up and down. A really effective way of hanging up art as explained by Allesia.