Artiteq Click Rail

The Artiteq click rail is composed of 5 components: The rail The click & connects The end caps The hanging wires The hooks THE Artiteq RAIL The 2 meter long rail costs $22.09, the 3 meter rail costs $33.70.                           THE Artiteq CLICK […Read More]

Hanging Business Certificate like a Pro

Hanging Business Certificates and Diplomas Are those Business certificates you slaved away for suffering neglect?  Hidden, as if shameful, in some bottom drawer? They yearn to be free, on display and admired by all, and Hang Logic can help you make it happen. How is the world going to know how many qualifications, skills and […Read More]

Marks & Co. no longer in business in Adelaide

The main supplier and our long term supplier of Art and Picture Hanging systems in Adelaide, Marks and Co. has now been bought out by an interstate business. We have now gone directly to the source of supplies in The Netherlands, which was the supplier and manufacturer for Marks and Co. Adelaide. This domain […Read More]

Hang picture hanging system installed at the Public Schools Club for Corporate Party Adelaide event.

The Public Schools Club – Club Braggs saw the need to have changing and vibrant pictures and art and so installed a Hang system in their function room. Party Logic delighted at the ability to be able to install modern and unique art at any height and fit with any decor. Accountant firm Accru+ Harris Orchard […Read More]