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A Ceiling Attached Hanging Rail

Once you have made the choice to use a picture hanging system, you will have to decide whether you would like to mount this on the wall or ceiling. This choice will depend on the type of wall or ceiling and the weight that the rail will need to support. You might want to attach it to the ceiling because it is impossible or undesirable to attach the track to the wall or because you want to blend it in even more than the effect you get with a wall attached hanging rail.

The Top Rail- mounting the hanging rail to the ceiling

If you’ve chosen to mount your hanging rod to your ceiling, our Top Rail can be mounted to the concrete of the ceiling.   Alternatively you can mount your Top Rail to the wooden side strip of a recessed ceiling. It can also be mounted to the interior casing of the head jamb of a window frame. One client also installed it into his wooden bookshelf. The top rail is mounted using screws and plugs (instead of the ‘click and connects’ (little plastic knobs)  which hold the wall attached click rails).

Once your track is up, you’ll need some hanging wires and hooks to hang your artwork. Most clients choose the twister hanging wire (depicted in the photo below) because it’s so easy to use. Unlike other hanging wires which you need to slide in from the end of the hanging rail the twister can be slid into the opening of the hanging rod anywhere along the rail. Then you just twisted in and you are ready to go. It can be moved to the left and right along the rail. Once you insert a hook that slides up and down on the twister hanging wire you can hang your picture wherever you like on your wall.

Our Artiteq Top Rail is ideal for business window displays or it can also be used for free hanging displays. Best of all you can adjust it to your preferred height or swap it for another piece of artwork without drilling or nailing.

This shop has hung two identically sized artworks back to back

Here the hanging wires are attached to the sides of the artwork

If you’d like to order the top rail you will need to
1. Calculate how many metres of top rail you need. We supply these rods in 2m and 3 m lengths.
2. Work out what colour would suit you best. The track comes in white and black.
3. Work out how many hanging wires and hooks you will need, this will depend on the number of paintings you would like to hang.
4. Contact us to let us know your order or buy it via our website. If you have any questions just give us a call on 0432 924 305 or shoot us an email, we are here to help.
5. If you want to see the Artiteq Top Rail in action you can view it at our showroom at 27 Warwick St, Largs North, in Adelaide SA. Just give us a call on 0432 924 305 to arrange a time.

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