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Click Rail Pro: traditional, reliable hanging system

Robust wall rail system for pictures

The Click Rail Pro (9.5 mm x 37.5 mm) hanging system is the professional, heavy-duty version of the Click Rail. The rail is quick and easy to install thanks to the Click&Connect clips (fasteners/wall clips to attach your hanging rails to your walls ; you require 3 per metre), and can be mounted on the wall, flush against the cornice  as in the image above. 

If you have no cornice between wall and ceiling, using the Click Rail Pro rail will allow us to get as close as possible to your ceiling. The length from the top of the Click Rail Pro to the centre of the click and connect wall fastener is 26mm. If you compare this to the length from the top of the Click Rail  to the centre of the click and connect wall fastener which is 13mm and you will understand that it is these extra 13mm that allow us to install the wider Click Rail Pro rail closer to the ceiling.

Please bear in mind that there will always be a slight gap (2-3mm) between ceiling and rail because ceilings are not 100% level (flush). If the ceiling is not well installed there can even be a 10mm gap. We can overcome this is by squirting a general-purpose gap filler (eg. No More Gaps) between ceiling and top of hanging rail. This will allow the rail to seem like a cornice.

Alternatively we can mount the Click Rail Pro in such a way that the sliders for the hanging wire are hidden behind the rail.


Clock Rail Pro - Click connect


Hanging art on the wall with Click Rail Pro

Click Rail Pro is a strong picture hanging system that you can trust when it comes to hanging your art on the wall. The Click Rail Pro picture hanging system has a maximum load capacity of 50 kg/m. Hanging heavy pictures and wall decorations is no problem with the Click Rail Pro. This picture hanging system is available in white (primer – may be repainted see below image) and aluminium.

You have the choice of various hanging wires that may be used with the Click Rail Pro, such as perlon wire, steel wire  or rods. These hanging wires may be moved and clicked into the rail again at any desired location. This assures you of flexibility in what you display on your walls. Moving or replacing a work of art is fast and easy, and there’s no risk of damaging the walls.

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Click Rail PRO vivid white primer 200 cm $38.90 (incl. GST)

Click Rail PRO vivid white primer 300 cm $58.39 (incl. GST)

Click Rail PRO alu brushed 200 cm $38.90 (incl. GST)

Click Rail PRO alu brushed 300 cm $58.39 (incl. GST)

Click & Connect Click Rail PRO (plastic stud to attach rail to wall – 3 per metre $0.70 (incl. GST)




hang and move wall decorations quickly and easily


Never drill another hole
no damaged walls

one-time assembly


suitable for a variety of wall decorations


Strong and reliable
up to 50 kg/m, 2-year warranty

Flush with the ceiling
mounted on the wall against the ceiling

Assembly & Documentation

This is how easy it is to install

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How to install CLICK RAIL PRO
How to install CLICK RAIL PRO

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