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Contact us and we’ll install an invisible hanging system with no damage to your walls for you. We’ve already installed about 10,000m of hanging system in homes and offices so we are pros at it!

Use the form below and we’ll endeavour to answer any questions and fulfill your picture hanging needs.

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M: 0432 924 305

Our Office Address

27 Warwick St,
Largs North, Adelaide,
SA 5016

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Visit our showroom/gallery: (call to make an appointment)

Our team of artists, tradespeople and curators will happily support you with any of your questions or ideas to make your home or work environment one of stylish design, organisation and dynamic change that suites your lifestyle and your mood.

Want some ideas on how to ensure that your walls don’t get wrecked in the process of putting up art or pictures? We bypass the use of blue tac, sticky tape and hooks so when you change your mind, your walls don’t pay the penalty.

In 30 seconds you can move a picture to the right, above a cupboard you’ve just moved, or a bit further down with the ease that anyone can manage.

Contact us and we can walk you through the process of you getting your very own picture hanging system.


If you want advice on:
– Whether to get a picture hanging system for your home or office
– What kind of things you can hang on a picture hanging system
– What colour rail to choose for your wall
– How to install it yourself
– How easy it is to change pictures, photos or artworks on your walls

Finally, if that didn’t persuade you, and your one of those types like me that can never make up your mind or when you do, a while later, you want it to be a different way? Install our primer rail, which comes in bright white to match any white wall, and can be painted on, and on. So that you can change the colour depending on what season or flavour you feel like. It will ensure that your feature wall is always kept fresh, and your hanging system will follow suit.


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ARTITEQ representative in South Australia.

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