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Display It - Flex and Fixed


Display It: professional and eye-catching

The Display It presentation system gives you a professional and impressive way to showcase your announcements, documents posters or photos. The system’s acrylic frames are easy to mount and adjust to the desired height. Thanks to the E-clip for Display It, you can change the contents of the acrylic frames in seconds. The clip also makes it easy to connect the frames to one another, making both horizontal and vertical displays possible. This display system is ideal for estate agents and is often used as a ‘face wall’ for photos of staff displayed on the wall in hospitals and other institutions. Display It is available in Flex and Fixed mounting models. The Display It Flex version is used in combination with a hanging rail and stainless steel rods that are easy to re-position along the rail.

Display It - Economy


Creating a photo wall with Display It Economy

The economy version of ‘Display It’ enables you to create a sleek photo wall at home or the office. You can combine frames of different sizes (A3, A4 and A6), and you can change photos in an instant. Display It Economy may be mounted to the wall or hung from our flexible picture hanging systems.

The economy version of ‘Display It’ come in three sizes:

  1. A3- 420mm wide x 297mm high (4 x horizontal acrylic holders, 4 x e-clips per holder, 2 x steel cables),
  2. A4- 210mm wide x 297mm high  (4 x vertical holders, 4 x e-clips per holder, 2 x cables) and
  3. A6- 148mm wide x 105mm high (6 x horizontal holders, 2 x e-clips per holder, 2 x cables).

E-clips let you to rapidly change pieces quickly and link extra columns. No special tools needed.

The Acrylic frames can be linked either vertically or horizontally –  countless combinations are possible

The addition of a Flex Tension Cable Set or a Fixed Tension Cable Set allows you to tension between surfaces.


Display It Solo kit

If you’d like to display oversize pieces or mounts between 3-6mm thick, then use our ‘Display It Solo’ kit.

  • Fix it to a wall or hang it from our hanging system
  • Its clamps  hold boards and plates between 3-6mm thick
  • Each kit comes equipped with 2 hangers and 4 clamps

Display It Economy A3 $156.07 (incl. GST)

Display It Economy A4 $133.67 (incl. GST) 

Display It Economy A6 $111.19 (incl. GST)

Display It Solo kit $35.20 (incl. GST)

change the contents of the frame quickly and easily

one-time assembly

suitable for the display of a variety of documents

Strong and reliable
professional look

Assembly & Documentation

This is how easy it is to install

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