The life expectancy of Australians has been steadily increasing in recent decades, with both men and women now expected to live on average an estimated 7 years longer than the equivalent estimations in 1965. The good news is that increased life expectancy is a direct reflection of improved health and well-being as Australians have had greater access to rapidly advancing medical treatments, improved diet and a greater understanding of alternative therapies.

This increased life expectancy has however created an unprecedented demand for aged care facilities – nursing homes, residential care facilities and old age facilities. It is a challenging time for most senior citizens as they transition from their family home to a care facility and it has become universally accepted that providing a friendly, nurturing environment is the pathway to enhancing the lives of aging Australians.

Hanging Art in Residential Care Community Rooms

By hanging pictures on the walls of the community rooms, hallways and individual rooms of the facilities, it is possible to have an immediate impact on its aesthetic environment and create a warm, friendly, welcoming environment for residents.

Wall-fixed Combi Rails with lighting in dining area

Hang Logic Picture Hanging Systems

At Hang Logic we offer an innovative picture hanging system which allows, after initial installation, for artwork to be re-positioned time and time again, without ever having to use nails or screws again. The possibilities for change are endless, with artwork able to be freely moved from dining room to lounge room, games room, hallways, and personal rooms within the facility to create a fresh atmosphere of stimulation and activity.

There are numerous options for aged care facilities to consider. They may decide to implement a cycle of changing artwork on a roster, so that the existing artwork within the facility simply gets moved from one room to another regularly. Alternatively, they may consider renting artwork to bring in a fresh, current look with each changeover.

The Advantages of Hanging Art

Art is recognised as one of the greatest forms of communication, and visual stimuli triggers pleasure centers within the brain, often associated with personal memories. The benefits of art therapy are well documented as it evokes powerful emotions that can assist with healing, personal development and enhancement of cognitive abilities.

Paintings held up with Ceiling-fixed Deco Rails in a hallway

Imagine switching the artwork according to the seasons so that the hallways and common rooms become a complete extension of the outside environment. The walls would become ablaze with the golden hues and rich reds of autumn leaves, reminding us of the soft crunch of leaves underfoot. During summer the colours could range from the sun setting as it hits the horizon over a glistening blue ocean, to the soft dusky hues of a warm summers evening. In spring, images abound of beautiful vibrant colours of the first flush of wildflowers, butterflies and the burst of new life. Think of the image that a winters day creates; rubbing your hands over a warm, comforting fire wrapped in scarf and beanie, or a misty river created by frosty mornings.

Using Art to Celebrate Special Occasions

Traditionally we decorate our homes to align with the special occasions of the year such as Christmas and Easter. Why not continue to embrace that within the facility; connecting with fond memories of past celebrations and fun times with family and friends. No Christmas seems complete without visions of a winter wonderland – log cabins buried in a forest of snow capped firs; ice skating around the rotunda and building carrot nosed snowmen. Christmas trees dripping with traditional red, green, silver and gold sparkling decorations in front of a stocking filled hearth and front door wreaths to welcome all visitors.

Easily display and change artwork with our Presentation Systems

For those who celebrate Ramadan, their scenes are of intense prayer dressed in traditional clothing, colourful fireworks and nightly feasts after long days of fasting. The Jewish holiday of Hanukkah is observed for eight days and nights and is observed by lighting the nine-branched menorah candelabrum nightly, the exchange of gifts such as books and games, and traditional foods such as potato pancakes and jelly doughnuts. No matter what the religion, belief or celebration, these are all powerful images that are sure to create happy memories for the aging residents.

Traditional methods of picture hanging require perfect positioning of a nail or hook to display a specific piece of artwork. But we’ve all experienced the hole left from a wrongly placed nail, or several pieces meant to be perfectly aligned along the wall – but aren’t! It has been the source of much frustration for many over the years!

Hanging Art Made Easy

But the Hang Logic system removes all that uncertainty and frustration, using a system of rails, cabling and quick gripping hooks securely mounted to your walls or ceiling. Our consultant will assist you in determining the best option for both your facility, and for the type of artwork that you intend to hang, as we offer several different solutions depending on the type of mounting, design and functionality required.

A before and after photos showing the difference the Hanging System and art can make

Hanging systems can be visible or invisible, and in situations where it is not possible to use one of the above systems, we can offer a solo hanging system. Our Info Rail and Info Rail+ display system is perfect for displaying drawings or paintings made as part of a group class. Facilities can use a singular solution or a combination of solutions to achieve a completely integrated system custom designed to meet the individual needs of each facility. These hanging systems also simplify and declutter which is an obvious benefit to meeting OHS obligations in aged care facilities.

By installing a Hang Logic system in each individual room of the facility, it allows the resident to individualise their room or rooms to achieve that more homely, personalised environment with artwork that holds special meaning to them. This may be family photos, degrees or diplomas, certificates or awards for past achievements, or simply paintings, prints or artwork that they love. This is the epitome of enhancing the lives of residents in aged care facilities – making sure that they are totally comfortable with their environment, relaxed and happy.

After the initial installation, it’s basically set and forget in terms of preparation in between a change of residents. No need to remove old hooks and nails, patch holes and repaint repaired walls before a new resident arrives; they can simply attach their new artwork to the existing hanging system. How easy is that!

Relax and enjoy with artwork from Art Logic

Not only will the addition of beautiful pieces of artwork enhance the aesthetics of the facility for the benefit of its residents, an added bonus is it will also create a wonderful working environment for the hard working staff. Workers spend many long hours at their workplaces, and anything that improves staff morale is to be welcomed. In the same way as the artwork can have an impact on the wellbeing of residents, appropriately selected pieces can help to reduce stress or energise your staff members.

Hang Logic is a longstanding professional company that has been providing fantastic solutions for workplaces and homes for many years. The systems are strong and reliable with a long life, and provide an elegant solution for hanging treasured pieces of artwork. Our systems are top quality, made in the Netherlands, and are competitively priced. You can be guaranteed that we can design a system that will fit your needs perfectly, and provide you with many years of stress free, clutter free solutions for your facility.

Contact Hang Logic by email or call us on 0432 924 305 so that we can help you create elegant and inviting living spaces for the older generation.