Hanging documents in your office, home, in the kitchen or children’s room, for example, is not always easy. If you don’t want to damage the walls and are tired of having to use tape and thumbtacks, Artiteq has a few display systems that are ideal for displaying documents. These hanging systems offer a clean, tidy solution for hanging drawings. The Artiteq Info Rail, Info Rail+ and Info Strip are your best options if you’d like to hang unframed documents.

If you’ve framed your documents, you could choose the Click Rail or the Contour Rail and opt for a Salon Hang. Wondering what Salon Hang is? It’s a grouping of pictures that extends higher and lower than the traditional eye-level single row or ‘museum-style’ manner of hanging.

Hanging documents in schools, offices, homes and residential care facilities

Looking for solutions to hang documents, information or drawings? The Info Rail is commonly used in schools, offices and care facilities because it offers the ideal solution for displaying documents in a tidy, flexible manner. Perfect for those aiming to achieve a ‘tidy look’. Also, it’s the ideal way to display drawings in a classroom or school corridor. This one-time investment is one you will continue to benefit from for the long term.