Hanging Hooks

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Hooks for hanging pictures

Hooks for hanging pictures are used in combination with hanging wires. We offer a wide variety of hooks based on several criteria such as weight, ease-of-use, choice of material and security.




The size of a picture or wall decoration determines the weight. In practice, most wall decorations weigh less than 10 kg. The Artiteq range of hooks comprises products that can handle weights varying between 4 kg and 15 kg per hook. 





Self-locking hooks offer more convenience than non-self-locking hooks. The self-locking mechanism in Artiteq hooks makes it easy to adjust the hook on the wire and find the right hanging height for the picture. 



Choice of materials for hooks

We offer hooks made from a variety of different materials such as high-quality plastic reinforced with fibreglass, brass or steel. 



Hooks offering security

For those with concerns about theft, we offer hooks with added security. This extra function serves to make removing a picture from the hook much more difficult. 



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