Hanging Paintings

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Art hanging system for displaying paintings

Are you looking for a handy, original way to display them? Or do you love to hang art in different size frames on the wall?

An Artiteq art hanging system offers plenty of solutions for all these situations. Hanging paintingd is very easy when you use a hanging rail with hanging wires and hooks. You can hang art in seconds, and you always have the flexibility to change the frames on the wall, or add new ones.

Painting hanging system without a rail

You can also hang art without a rail by using a stand-alone hanging system. Using the Uniq Hanger photo hanging system, your photo frame becomes a beautiful, sleek addition to your wall.

Painting hanging system

fast and easy way to hang art

No damaged walls
never drill another hole

one-time assembly

suitable for a variety of documents

Strong and reliable
long life



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