1. Do you have different coloured rails?

The hanging rail comes in four shades: white, brushed silver, black and white primer. The white primer rail can be painted the colour of your walls.


2. Can you customise the hanging system to a room?

Yes: You can measure the rail lengths required or send us a plan that shows where you want the hanging system installed and we will draw up a quote.

3. At what height do you install the system?

The hanging rail sits neatly under the ceiling or cornice disappearing as an extension thereof. You can also chose to have it hang lower and have it be a feature of the wall such as putting a brushed aluminium rail against a feature wall of burgundy or blue makes for a striking addition to your wall.

4. What weight can the rod take?

Each hanging wire can take up to 20 kg and  can hold multiple hooks. The average family picture weighs less than 5kg. Mirrors and large art canvases can weigh slightly more. The hanging system is very strong.


5. How does the hanging cable attach to the rail?

You can attach and detach the hanging cable anywhere along the lengths of the hanging rail.

This video shows how easy it is to use our twister wire and it sits securely in the rail to allow for years of hanging or changing the pictures around as often as you change your mind.

Video Thumbnail
How to use TWISTER

6. How long does it take to install?

Its actually quite fast. You can have numerous rooms done within a working day. We recently installed 25m in a kitchen, hallway, above a staircase, in the dining room and kids rooms and it was all in a good days work.

7. What if I can’t decide where to hang my art?

We can assist you to make your home into a gallery, give advice and hang your art for you. If you are looking for more art, you can check out our sister company Art Logic at http://www.artlogic.com.au.