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This video and diagram shows how easy it is to install your very own picture hanging system in your home or work place.

– First you need to work out which rooms you want the hanging system installed in.

– Then you need to work out whether the walls are gyproc or another material such as brick or concrete. It is also important to look out for the presence of wood or studs in the walls. You can check for studs with the use of an electronic ‘stud finder’. If you are unsure, we recommend you get the skilled services of a qualified tradesperson. We have our own very practiced skilled tradespeople, you can see them at and call us at 0411 426 460 or contact us at our contact page.

– Then once you have determined the correct wall medium and appropriate materials to use, you will need to determine which coloured rail you would like to use. There is  off-white, primer (which can be painted on) or brushed aluminium or ‘silver’ rail. You can either have it match in with the decor and blend so that it simply is a part of the cornice and is difficult to notice unless you point it out or you can actually have it as a feature of the wall and have it stand out and contrast what is already on the wall.

– Different wall plugs will be used depending on the material of the wall. The nails we recommend are 40mm long and to position the hanging rail 6cm down from the roof, just below the cornice. We recommend this as opposed to flush against the cornice as it will avoid metal studs in gyproc and in brick, will ensure that it will be drilled into the middle of the brick and not chip off the top of it and be insecurely fastened. Having the hanging system be slightly lower than the roof also enables easy access when hanging artwork.

– We recommend marking the wall with a straight line by using a chalk line marker or a laser line marker if you can get your hands on one. Then evenly spread out the nails and wall plugs 30-40cm apart, with our wall mounts screwed into them. The rail tracking is then clipped onto the wall mounts.

– When we install, we always send two contractors at a time so they can safely and accurately install the system. If the flooring is uneven or is needed we have scaffolding available.


This diagram shows briefly how the wall mounts work with the plugs and screws, then the rail tracking is clipped into it. The twister perlon wire is easily twisted into the rail and the ratchet hook smoothly moves up and down the perlon wire to allow you for any height and changing pictures around with ease.