Info Strip

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Info Strip – vertical display system

Info Strip


Sharing information in a one-metre space

This vertical display system takes up a minimal amount of space, making it ideal  for many locations in a home or office. The Info Strip is a hanging system for documents such as cards, photos and drawings; a handy way to collect and/or display documents. Cards, photos and other documents can be slid into both sides of the white aluminium strip. Magnets can also be used on the front of the rail for displaying photos. Definitely an optimal way to share information in a 1m space! This display system is a space-saving addition to a wall in an office, kitchen or children’s bedroom.

Info Strip - Use


Practical use for narrow sections of wall

The Info Strip is a sleek white aluminium strip that is one metre (100 cm) long. The Info Strip is mounted vertically to the wall by clicking the rail onto 2 clips. The Info Strip takes up very little space, making it easy to mount on narrow sections of wall wherever you choose.




Info Strip white 100 cm $70.36 (incl. GST)

fast and easy way to display documents

one-time assembly

suitable for a variety of documents

Strong and reliable
fixed hanging thanks to clips



Assembly & Documentation

This is how easy it is to install

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How to install INFO STRIP
How to install INFO STRIP



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