Accru+ Harris Orchard heat up their Accountancy firm with some art and a Picture Hanging System from HANG

Stefan Bruneder and Rodney Cowin rent their art to Accru+ Harris Orchard through art rental firm Art Logic and use our Hang art hanging system to make it easy to rotate art in businesses. Steve is happily installing the hanging system in their reception area.

Hang Picture Hanging System for Offices and Homes

Richard Oborn speaks about the pleasure of hanging art with his wife in his house. It allows him to hang a variety of things – not just artworks but also panels and bowls. It turned their nicely built house into a home and Hang worked with their schedule. He exclaims that it was a pleasure […Read More]

Hang Installs Art Hanging System for Homeowner

Maureen Oborn speaks about her favourite picture that she bought in Malaysia. When she bought a house, she wanted to hang it but didn’t want to put holes in the walls so didn’t put them up. She wanted to hang them up like in a museum or art gallery, and found Hang. The team worked […Read More]

How to install art on a Hang Art and Picture Hanging System

The hanging wires move along the picture rail really easily, and with the specifically designed hooks, pictures move up and down. A really effective way of hanging up art as explained by Allesia.

See how easy it is to hang large artworks with Hang’s Art and Picture Hanging Systems

Jacqueline and Allesia show how quickly and easily it is to hang up  large artworks in corporate boardrooms to produce that gallery finish. Straight pictures everytime and for a long time.

Different colours makes it easy to have changing art

Gary Sweeny from Mount Lofty Vinyard Ranges in Lenswood explains the process of having Art logic and Hang Me which later changes to Hang. Hang installs 20 metres of hanging system for their 2013 Sala exhibit. Irish artist Ian Fraser exhibits his artworks of portraits of animals. Gary tells of his experience of having it instyalled being unbelievable and exactly what […Read More]

Hang Art Hanging System happy customer in Trinity Gardens

Richard Oborn from Trinity Gardens explains the double pleasure of working with Hang. He likes people that know their product well and then do it well. Secondly. the product was exactly what they wanted. In a new house, him and his wife didn’t want big holes in their walls.  The Hang hanging system is flexible, can […Read More]

Recent Hang Art Hanging System installed in Seacliff Park

Peter Howland just had the Hang system installed in his home. First impression: It’s terriffic, has been thinking for a long time what to do, as he didn’t want to punch holes in the walls as he just had walls painted, so did a bit of research and found Hang. It was fantastic and simple, as he claims […Read More]

Art Logic Installs HANG Art Hanging System @ Kingston Park Apartments, Horner Management.

  Property management firm Horner Management and Art Gallery Art Logic see the value in installing a Hang art hanging system to rotate art in the foyer area of an apartment building. It allows for a permanent and easy medium to change art and change the environment to keep up to date with what the […Read More]

Business Launched! And new business card.

We have our business cards. Thanks to the amazing Stephen Cornwell from