Picture hooks and hanging wire

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Picture hooks and hanging wire

Hanging wires and hooks


Yesterday Hang Logic received this email: “We would love your assistance at looking at/installing some pic rails at our home. We have a 2 story home screaming out for our pictures to be hung! We moved eight months ago but our photos and paintings are still in boxes. We’ve gone from living in an old villa to a brand-new modern home and got twins in the middle of it all. We don’t want to ruin our walls with hundreds of nails. I would be pleased to speak with you about what we might need/installation etc.”

Our judgement is that a picture hanging system can transform a house into a home. Why? Because it lets you easily hang up the photos you love, the paintings that make you happy and the documents that make you proud. It will save you endless frustrating hours when it comes to adjusting and moving things around. Best of all no drilling or nailing; instead total ease.

The hanging wires and hooks are the key elements that make the Artiteq hanging system so flexible. The hanging wires slide easily into the hanging rails you fasten to the wall. You can slide them to any position of the rail. The hooks in turn slide up and down along the hanging wire which means you are totally flexible with regard to where you can place your painting and other wall rations. Having second, third, fourth or 11th thoughts about where to place a picture? Not a problem.

With the perlon or steel hanging wires and different hooks that accommodate different weights your picture frames can be hung at any height and at any position on the wall. The image to the left shows the various combinations that are possible. Further down this page you’ll find more detail with regard to the different products.

We have the Artiteq hanging system on display in our Adelaide gallery and boast a large warehouse full of stock for immediate collection.




Twister – simple, safe and strong

A picture hanging system consists of a hanging rail to which you attach hanging wires with hooks. The Twister glider system can be used with all Atiteq hanging rails.

Twister offers the most logical and user-friendly way to hook the hanging wire into the rail: twist, click and you’re ready to hang.

The Twister can be clicked in or slid along  to anywhere on the rail, so you can hang a picture anywhere you like on the wall. You have the option of using Twister in perlon or steel  for all the Artiteq hanging systems.

The perlon and steel hanging wires with the Twister mechanism are available in 1 or 2 mm thicknesses, and in lengths ranging from 100 to 300 cm. 

2mm twisters

2mm perlon

Twister perlon 2mm 150 cm $6.64

Twister perlon 2mm 200 cm $7.08

Twister perlon 2mm 250 cm $7.57

Twister perlon 2mm 300 cm $8.10

2mm steel

Twister steel 2mm 100 cm $12.10

Twister steel 2mm 150 cm $12.72

Twister steel 2mm 200 cm $13.20

Twister steel 2mm 250 cm $13.86

Twister steel 2mm 300 cm $14.39

1mm twisters

1mm perlon

Twister Micro 1mm perlon 150 cm $5.98

Twister Micro 1mm perlon 200 cm $6.42

Twister Micro 1mm perlon 300 cm $7.30

1mm steel

Twister Micro steel 1mm 150 cm $11.44

Twister Micro steel 1mm 200 cm $11.92

Twister Micro steel 1mm 300 cm $12.94





Twister Cliq2Fix perlon for extra ease-of-use

Thanks to the development of the Twister Cliq2Fix perlon system, perlon cord now has an additional functionality when it comes to hanging pictures.

The hanging wire equipped with the Twister Cliq2Fix system may be inserted in the rail, eliminating the risk of the perlon cord popping loose from the rail as a result of its recoiling effect. This makes it extra safe, and easy to slide into the rail. In other words, extra ease-of-use.

Twister CLIQ2FIX perlon 2mm 150 cm $6.91

Twister CLIQ2FIX perlon 2mm 200 cm $7.30

Twister CLIQ2FIX perlon 2mm 250 cm $7.83

Twister CLIQ2FIX perlon 2mm 300 cm $8.32




Solid Slider – slide into the side of the hanging rail

Some people prefer to attach the hanging wire with glider via the side of the rail, and to accommodate this preference, Artiteq developed the Solid Slider system that is available for perlon and 2 mm steel wire. The hanging wire may be freely slid into the hanging rail, yet may not be removed from the rail as easily. Hanging wires with the Solid Slider mechanism are available in lengths of 100, 150, 200, 250, 300 en 500 cm.

A slanted stop system is available for slanted walls. This system makes it possible to use a flexible picture hanging system even with slanted walls, for example in a staircase.

Solid slider perlon

Solid slider perlon 2.0 mm 150cm $4.71

Solid slider perlon 2.0 mm 200cm $5.06

Solid slider perlon 2.0 mm 250cm $5.50

Solid slider perlon 2.0 mm 300cm $5.81

Solid slider steel

Solid slider steel 2.0 mm 150cm $9.50

Solid slider steel 2.0 mm 200cm $10.87

 Solid slider steel 2.0 mm 250cm $12.45

Solid slider steel 2.0 mm 300cm $13.11


Hanging a picture – hook

Over the years, an extensive range of hooks has been developed which may be used in combination with the hanging wires in the hanging rails. A generous range of picture hanging hooks has been developed which takes various aspects into account such as weight, ease-of-use, price and choice of materials. The Micro Grip represents the newest generation of hooks. A high-quality plastic reinforced with fibreglass was chosen for this hook, leading to a 70% reduction in the use of materials compared with previous generations of hooks. In addition to the ecological advantages, the hook is extremely lightweight as a result, and very easy to use. The Micro Grip technology has been developed and patented by Artiteq.

2mm Mini-screw hook


2mm Mini-screw hook

4kg lightweight screw fixed hook, suitable for small frames that are less than A4 size.
Not to be used in public spaces- OHS risk as can slip if not securely fastened.


2mm Mini-screw hook $1.94

2mm Ratchet Hook


2mm Ratchet Hook

Rated for 15kg and suits all 2mm perlon and steel hanging wires  (the twister, the cliq2fix and the solid slider).

Locks when released, good also for narrow frames.

2mm Ratchet Hook $7.30

2mm Micro Grip Hook


2mm Micro Grip Hook

Rated for 20kg hook and suits all 2mm perlon and steel hanging wires  (the twister, the cliq2fix and the solid slider).

Locks when released and is fast to change.

2mm Micro Grip Hook $7.71

1mm Micro Grip Hook


1mm Micro Grip Hook

To be used with the Twister Micro 1mm hanging wires.

Rated for 5kg on 1mm perlon hanging wires and for 10kg on 1mm steel hanging wires.  

Fast to change and self-locking.

 1mm Micro Grip Hook $6.64

Frame Hanger


Frame Hanger

A screw is permanently fixed into the picture frame. Rated for 20kg.

Ideal for heavy mirrors or unusually shaped objects that will stay positioned permanently. It encourages a “flat to wall” hang.

Frame Hanger  $8.75




Hanging a picture – hanging sets

 There are a variety of combinations available for hanging wires and hooks.

Hang Logic offers many different combinations as hanging sets which may be used together with picture hanging systems.

Twister $(TBA) (incl. GST)

Solid Slider $(TBA) (incl. GST)

Hanging a picture – hanging sets $(TBA) (incl. GST)

Twister Cliq2Fix perlon $(TBA) (incl. GST)

Hanging a picture – hook $(TBA) (incl. GST)

Misc $(TBA) (incl. GST)


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