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Poster Snap: poster hanging strips

Poster Snap


The Poster Snap system is a fast and easy way to hang posters on the wall. The poster is simply clamped between two aluminium strips at the top and bottom, also referred to as ‘poster clicking’. The Poster Snap system may be used for posters with widths of 50 cm, 70 cm, 100 cm and 120 cm. 

To hang the poster system, you can use a flexible hanging system consisting of a hanging rail with cords and hooks. There are other ways to hang a Poster Snap; view our Solo hanging systems.


Poster Snap $(TBA) (incl. GST)

Poster Snap $(TBA) (incl. GST) 

Poster Snap $(TBA) (incl. GST)

Poster Snap $(TBA) (incl. GST)

change and add objects quickly and easily

Never drill another hole
use Poster Snap in combination with a picture hanging system

one-time assembly 

suitable for posters and other documents

Strong and reliable
suitable for posters up to 120 cm in width



Assembly & Documentation

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