The Art Strip can be hidden in a recessed ceiling. It replaces the side strip which builders use when installing recessed ceilings. During a new build, a tear-down phase or renovation work, the Art Strip can be installed at the same time as the recessed ceiling. The corner profile for the recessed ceiling is then mounted to the Art Strip.

The Basics

  • Rail width: 300cm,depth: 18mm, height: 45mm
  • 2 colours: black and white.
  • Built-in/wall-fixed.Replaces the side-strip when installing recessed ceilings.
  • Mount your corner profile to the art strip.
  • For ceiling tiles ceilings with drywall or masonry walls.
  • All you see of the hanging rail is a shadowline.
  • Weight capacity up to 50kg per metre
  • 10 year warranty
  • Artiteq product number: 05.08310
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