The Top Rail is a picture hanging system designed for ceilings or other horizontal surfaces. It is a thin rail that allows your paintings, pictures, prints and photos to hang straight from the ceiling.

The Basics

  • Rail width: 200cm, 300cm depth: 7mm, height: 14.3mm
  • 3 colours: white, black, aluminium
  • Mount top rail onto horizontal surfaces: the wooden side strip of a recessed ceiling; directly into a timber or concrete ceiling; window frames and joinery.
  • Weight capacity up to 20kg per metre
  • Install kit includes screws and plugs to attach the rail to the ceiling.
  • 10 year warranty
  • Artiteq product number: 9.4309, 9.4310, 9.4313, 9.4314, 9.4378, 9.4379
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