We installed a picture hanging system for the freshly renovated Stag Hotel, an Adelaide and South Australian icon.

Here you see the finishedhanglogic.com.au-stag-hotel-installation (2) product with some brilliant art hanging on from our Artiteq art hanging system on the Stag Hotel’s walls. The great advantage for the Stag Hotel is that when this art sells or when gorgeous Rose, their function manager, feels like they need something fresh it’s totally easy to hang up something new. The times when you still had to drill holes in walls to hang up artwork are so passé

Here at Hang Logic, we’ve chosen to work with the ‘Artiteq’ picture hanging system. There are many different hanging system on the market, some cheaper and some more expensive… what made us choose the Artiteq one?

We first started looking into hanging system is 10 years ago when Art Logic was founded. Art Logic creates art exhibitions for businesses and rotates these exhibitions every 4 to 6 months, thereby giving the business a completely new feel each time. Art logic needed hanging system that would stand the test of time, that was efficient and easy to use, that was aesthetically pleasing and had the right pricetag. The final verdict was for the Artiteq hanging system which is made in Tilburg in the Netherlands.

Initially Art Logic installed hanging systems only for their corporate clients. But then demand for such picture hanging systems increased dramatically, so we branched out and created a separate business entity called Hang Logic. That’s how Hang Logic started. Since those times, we’ve installed about 10,000 m of the hanging system both in homes, offices, practices and libraries. Oh and also at an oval, the new, grand, incredibly expensive Adelaide Oval.