Hanging pictures the stylish and easy way: picture hanging system DIY sales and professional installation


What our Adelaide based team at HANG LOGIC guarantees you (now that we have installed around 22,000 metres of the Artiteq picture hanging system):

  • Best quality/price ratio: top quality, made in the Netherlands & competitive price
  • Flexible: hang and move paintings & photos quickly and easily
  • User-Friendly: one-time assembly, easy to use
  • No Damaged Wallssustainable art hanging situation, no patching, drilling, filling, sanding or painting
  • Elegant: sleek look, almost invisible
  • Green qualities: long product life, made of recyclable aluminium, strong and reliable, 10 year warranty
  • Multi-functional: suitable for a variety of wall decorations- photos, paintings, prints, wall sculptures

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  • Turn your house or apartment into a home.
  • Make your office a place where staff wants to be.
  • Make your display home attractive and desirable.
  • Have your school display your student’s art easily and on a rotating basis.
  • Ensure that the walls of your council reflect what your community is up to.
  • Enhance the value of your artwork in your own stylish gallery.
  • De-clutter your practice by hanging up all those awards /diplomas /certificates.  Who will admire them if they’re hidden in a drawer or messing up  the desk or floor?

Once our system is installed you can hang something in minutes, not hours, and change its position just as fast. Our hanging system provides you an empty canvas that calls out for art and creativity.

Have you ever stared in dismay at the number of nails you’ve had to hit into your wall to get your pictures hanging at the perfect height?

And when you’ve got it finally hanging where it should be your partner enters the room and innocently yet audaciously declares: “you’ve hung that far too high”.

If someone then told you: “hey guys, didn’t you know that hanging a picture can be a simple and pleasurable task”, would you want to embrace him or kick him? I guess that depends on your personality!

Hanging Art is a cinch with our hanging system. Here at Hang Logic we take a logical approach. We’ve tried out all the different hanging systems that are available throughout the world. We chose the best. And that’s the one you can buy from us and install yourself DIY, or have our installers do it for you..   It has the best quality/price ratio.

We’ve installed thousands of me thousands of metres of it, in offices, homes, and institutions. This week’s job was to install a hanging system at the grand new 610 million dollar Adelaide Oval.


I told my daughter about it. Her comment was: “Gee, I didn’t know an oval needed a hanging system.“

Now that had me imagining the players in this year’s world cup kicking the ball through a picture obstacle course. There would be pictures of famous football hang players dangling down from hanging rods suspended in mid-air. I did end up explaining to my daughter that the oval has a building almost all the way around.

www.hanglogic.com.au_adelaide_oval_picture_hanging_system_installation_gregBut let’s get practical, how high should a picture be hung on the wall? In general, artwork should be hung at the eye height of an average person. But what is the height of an average person? Well, it varies from country to country.

Let’s use Australia as an example, because that’s where HANG LOGIC is based. In 2011-12, the average Australian man was 175.6 cm tall and the average Australian woman was 161.8 cm tall. Combining both gives us an average gender neutral height of: 168.7.  However, you can choose any height between the two that works for you really. You’ll find that if you stick to on height being the middle of all artwork you hang, you’ll create a visual harmony…it will not only look good, it will look brilliant. Your pictures will hang in relationship to each other from their centres.

I’ve looked around at the height friends and restaurants hang their art, and I’ve discovered that people generally hang their pictures too high. You have to push you head back to see them.

How to do this in 5 simple steps

Step 1: Measure and with pencil lightly mark say 1687mm on your wall.
Step 2: Measure from the top of your picture, painting, print or photo to the bottom and divide by two.
Step 3: Measure from  top of your picture to the highest point of the tightened wire or string at the back of the picture.
Step 4: Subtract this last amount form the halved height of the picture. That will tell you how far above 1687 mm you should hang your picture.
Step 5: Measure up from 1687 mm with this last amount and put another light pencil mark on your wall.

All this might seem confusing or hard when you read, but once you start following these steps you’ll realise it’s totally easy.

This eye level centre hanging rule can also be used for groups of pictures too. You can view a group of photos or painting as just ONE picture. After you work out how you want them all to hang (we’ve written articles on how to create such a blue print) just start with the centre picture/pictures and  its/their centre at eye level. Then surround it/them with all the other paintings.

There are situations where hanging pictures at eye level won’t be possible. You can find out how to solve this problem in our blogspot.

Have you ever wondered how may nails it takes to hang a picture at the right height?
The smart answer is:

When you use our picture hanging system you don’t need to ruin your walls with nails screws and holes. Put up our picture rail, or have our installers do it for you and then organize and rearrange your pictures time and time again without using nails or screws. Most people only change around their furniture and would never dream of changing around their art, pictures or photos. Our picture hanging system makes moving picture from the living room to the bedroom too easy. From one room to the next changing wall decorations, pictures, paintings or photo frames becomes a cinch. You can hang multiple picture frames and make your own art arrangement in a matter of minutes.

Have you ever wondered how are you going to get a group of pictures to hang on your gyproc wall properly, or on your brick wall that is full of sand, or on your concrete wall that is as tough as nails?

3 - Wall Art Theme 6

No longer a problem with our hanging system! You can hang pictures more efficiently and elegantly, into all different types of walls. You might also want to avoid damaging a specially-treated wall, and nevertheless achieve an elegant, and pleasing outcome.

The cable system is a great option for home-owners with wood-finished or other specially treated walls. It is also a great option for renters who don’t want to put a ton of holes in the walls of their home, or those who live in spaces with brick or plaster walls that are hard to drill into.

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