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Picture Hanging Systems: buy them online Australia wide and delight in fast delivery, five-star service and Artiteq’s 10-year guarantee.
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Our picture hanging systems have 3 components: the hanging rail, hanging wires/cables and hooks. They are extremely easy to install, therefore you can DIY or request professional installation. A range of installation options are available, because your art track/picture hanging rail can be wall-mounted, built-in or ceiling fixed. TUV certified Artiteq picture hanging systems are elegant and discrete, because the slide-able transparent cables and adjustable hooks let you hang art wherever you want.

Gallery hanging systems preserve your walls, so that you can hang your pictures and quickly rearrange them without any tools.

Leading Australian architects, property developers and builders use our Artiteq gallery hanging system in  homes, offices, libraries, hotels, sports hubs, festival centres, and research centres.

How to install your hanging system in 5 simple steps

  • Preparing: Firstly, ensure that your walls are ready to go: finish repairs, then proceed with plastering and painting. Finally, attach your picture hanging rail.
  • Measuring: To begin with, measure your walls. Then, after double checking, mark your hanging rails to size. However, keep in mind that you should include the end cap in your calculations if you are not installing wall to wall.
  • Cutting: You can easily cut the rails because they are made of aluminum. Therefore, all you will need is a hack saw or drop saw. Cut them to size and attach your end caps if you are not installing them wall to wall.
  • Drilling: Most Artiteq hanging rails require drill holes for the click and connect attachment clips- therefore you can use them as your drilling template. Your holes must be in line: that said, the easiest solution is to use a chalk line or a laser line generator. If you have neither, then hold the hanging rail in position and use a spirit level to make sure that it’s perfectly level. Finally, mark drilling spots (roughly every 33cm).
  • Attaching: Firstly, determine which fittings ( such as anchors and screws) suit your wall type. Subsequently, screw the click and connect attachment clips to your wall. Finally, use a rubber mallet to click/tap your hanging rail onto the click and connect clips.
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Picture Hanging Systems by Artiteq

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Surround Yourself with Pictures You Love – even in a rental property

What makes a new rental property feel more like a fully-fledged home & less like a temporary dwelling than hanging up the pictures you love?

There is nothing better than being in a home that is decked out with pictures of memories, people and their loved ones. Because they truly bring a home to life!

Unfortunately, being able to decorate the walls of a rental property with picture frames and artwork is a luxury few renters ever get to experience. And honestly – it is understandable, because property owners cop a lot of out of pocket expenses for little things like chipped walls or peeled off paint.

Is there a better way to hang pictures?

Picture hanging systems are easy to install! Firstly, decide where you want the image to hang and fix the track to the wall. Secondly, hook the cables onto the track, then add the picture hanging hooks and finally attach these to the canvas. Once you have everything connected, simply hold the cables and slide the picture into position. ArtiTeq’s Micro Grip technology provides an effortless approach to changing and leveling your hangings, because there is an clutch-gripper mechanism in the picture hook which can be pressed to release and lower the canvas or picture frame.

When are a Picture Hanging Systems recommended?

Do you have a lot of pictures and you don’t want to (or are not allowed to) put holes all over your walls?

Or do you want to be able to change the arrangement from time to time? Then we recommend using an art hanging system.

Though traditionally used in galleries,  art hanging systems are becoming more and more popular in rental properties and in homes, because they look clean and smart and don’t damage your walls. Additionally, they are now quite affordable.

At Hang Logic, we can help you to work out what kind of system best suit your needs, and if you’re not really a handyman, then you can have our expert staff install the system for you!

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