Visit our Adelaide showroom or order your Artiteq picture hanging system online. We can show you the best way to hang your pictures and prints with invisible hanging wires. You can DIY our picture hanging rails or we can professionally install the art tracks for you. An elegant art hanging solution for homes, schools, offices and galleries with a 10-year product guarantee and better than Bunnings.

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How to install your hanging system in 5 simple steps

  • Preparing: Ensure that your walls are ready to go: finish repairs, plastering and painting before you attach your picture hanging rail.
  • Measuring: Measure your walls and then after double checking mark your hanging rails to size. Keep in mind that you should include the end cap in your calculations if you are not installing wall to wall.
  • Cutting: Rails are made of aluminium so you can easily cut them with a hack saw or drop saw. Cut them to size and attach your end caps if you are not installing them wall to wall.
  • Drilling: Most Artiteq hanging rails require drill holes for the click and connect attachment clips- use them as your drilling template. Your holes must be in line: the easiest solution is to use a chalk line or a laser line generator. If you have neither, hold the hanging rail in position and use a spirit level to make sure that it’s perfectly level. Then mark drilling spots (roughly every 33cm).
  • Attaching: Determine which fittings (anchors and screws) suit your wall type.After screwing the click and connect attachment clips to your wall use your fist or a mallet to click/tap your hanging rail onto the click and connect clips.