Hang Logic was founded in 2005. We first started looking into hanging system is 2003 when our sister business Art Logic was founded.

Art Logic creates art exhibitions for businesses and changes their artwork every 4 to 6 months. Because Art Logic did not want to be destroying clients’ pristine walls by drilling new screws into them every time their art was rotated we needed a hanging system that would stand the test of time. It had to be easy to use, aesthetically pleasing and have the right price tag.

The final verdict was for the Artiteq hanging system, which is manufactured in Tilburg in the Netherlands. We  visited their factory in the Netherlands and were impressed. We learned that  Artiteq picture art track is the only hanging system that come with a 10 year guarantee. Hang Logic has now become Artiteq’s South Australian reseller.

Initially Art Logic installed such picture hanging systems only for their corporate clients. Then demand for such picture hanging systems increased dramatically, so we branched out and created a separate business entity initially called ‘Hang’ and later ‘Hang Logic’.

That is how Hang Logic started. Since then, we have installed about 10,000 metres of the Artiteq art hanging systems both in homes, offices, libraries, council buildings, sports clubs, cafés, restaurants and medical practices.

The Hang Logic team

Jacqueline Mitchell
Jacqueline MitchellGeneral Manager
Jacqueline founded Hang Logic in 2005. She discovered the Artiteq hanging systems whilst seeking the optimal solution for hanging and rotating paintings, pictures and photographs for Art Logic’s art rental clients. She loves this sleek solution that allows you to exhibit whatever tickles your fancy.
Nas Darwish
Nas DarwishBusiness Development Manager
Nas marries a passion for the arts with expertise in planning, evaluating and monitoring. He has worked in international development and humanitarian aid for 13 years boosting learning and employment for vulnerable youth. His unfailing optimism makes us all happy.
Samina Bak
Samina BakSocial Media Manager
Samina tackles social media like a circus juggler – she keeps many balls in the air yet ensures they all land safely. She is both a creative artist and a data scientist. She knows what it takes to make content move. Her analytical skills are both science and art; we call her our creative technologist.
Tony Mills
Tony MillsIT Operations Manager
Tony, a former Channel 9 Sydney studio wiz, joined our team in 2008. Tony’s sharp brain and passion for problem solving skills ensure that our ever-evolving web of reinstatement coherent whole. His surreal sense of humor and encyclopedic knowledge keep us wonderfully entertained.
Steph Cibich
Steph CibichCurator
Picture hanging is an art, and our Curator Steph has mastered it. She curates our clients’ art collections and hangs art for them. Steph has a Master of Arts (Curatorial and Museum Studies) and was Curatorial and Project Officer Intern at the Art Gallery of South Australia.
Thomas Mentzel
Thomas MentzelInstaller
Thomas loves a challenge. His building and engineering background give him the technical skills to tackle the toughest of jobs. Thomas is both an artist and a technician- he knows his craft and what he creates is original. His playful spirit is utterly delightful.
Greg Helbig
Greg HelbigInstaller
Greg masters perfection. A cabinetmaker by trade with 35 years of professional experience means he totally knows his stuff. Greg’s passion for the very best and latest tools give him that extra edge. His knowledge, skills and reliability impress.
Daryl Nicholls
Daryl NichollsInstaller and Electrician
Daryl’s methodical and knowledgeable approach to his craft along with his strength and fine motor skills make him a joy to work with. His eye for detail amazes us; he regularly points out something that no one else has noticed. Daryl is kind-hearted, patient, and a joy to be around.