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Twister 1mm Hanging Wire

  • Artiteq’s innovation – a super-thin 1mm hanging wire, it’s almost invisible.
  • The 1mm Artiteq Twister is the thinnest cable in the market and it’s safe and strong.
  • It’s easy to use, just insert it into your hanging rail, turn it 90° and then gently pull it.
  • Insert the cable anywhere in your hanging rail; ideal for wall to wall installations.
  • We have Perlon/nylon and stainless-steel cables in lengths from 150cm-300cm.
  • Best to use 2 hanging wires per picture for safety and stability.
  • Weight capacity, when using 2 hanging wires, is 10kg for 1mm Perlon/nylon and 20 kg for Stainless-Steel cables.


Twister 1mm Perlon

  • 30.21150 Twister 1mm perlon 150cm – $6.03
  • 30.21200 Twister 1mm perlon 200cm – $6.44
  • 30.21300 Twister 1mm perlon 300cm – $7.37

Twister 1mm Steel

  • 30.22150 Twister 1mm steel 150cm – $11.52
  • 30.22200 Twister 1mm steel 200cm – $12.08
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