The Info Rail is sleek and provides a practical and tidy way to display notes, drawings or paintings on paper and thin cardboard. It means you can chuck your Blu-Tack, thumbtacks and tape in the bin and rejoice in clean, undamaged walls. No longer will stacks of paper pile up on your desk because changing documents, drawing or posters is now snappy and easy.

The Basics

  • Rail width: 100cm, 200cm, 300 cm depth: 9.7mm, height: 50mm
  • 2 colours: white, aluminium
  • Wall-fixed, mounted horizontally to wall with Click and Connect clips, 3 per metre
  • Rubber triple grip system provides frim suspension and enables you to easily display documents, photos, posters, paintings, drawings, notes,
  • Suitable for paper from 80gsm up to 2mm thick
  • Excellent for schools, offices, hospitals, residential care centres and homes
  • 10 year warranty
  • Artiteq product number: 5.49100, 5.49200, 5.49300, 5.48100,5.48200,5.48300
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